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Exploring Herculaneum

Everyone has heard of Pompeii, right?  I mean, I’m pretty sure it was even discussed in Highlights magazine (remember that blast from the past?) when I was a kid.  But did you know that Mount Vesuvius destroyed another city called … Continue reading

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Falling in love with Bordeaux

We should have known we would fall in love with Bordeaux.  Something like half of the city is a UNESCO world heritage site, and you know how we love those.  And, as it turned out, we absolutely adored Bordeaux.  Even … Continue reading

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What to do in Valencia

We spent 10 wonderful days in Valencia.  We packed quite a bit into those 10 days.  So, what did we do? On our first morning, we set an alarm (oh, how we hate that these days) to make it to … Continue reading

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What to do in Seville

So, we spent far more time in Seville than I’m guessing most tourists do (about two weeks).  And, we weren’t bored for even one second.  So, what should you do? Well, let me start with the most important thing.  First, … Continue reading

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Final thoughts on Indonesia (2019)

We’ve moved from Indonesia to Thailand, so that means it is time for final thoughts on Indonesia.  Although, once again, our final thoughts on Indonesia are limited by the fact that we only stayed in Bali (Nusa Dua and Legian) … Continue reading

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Prambanan and nearby temples

Remember how we said we were templed out when we left Siem Reap?  Fortunately, its been a few months, as we spent another day in Yogyakarta temple hopping.  We booked a private car (and completely overpaid given we only wanted … Continue reading

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Borobudur, the chicken church, and Mount Merapi

Whooo hooo!  We are in a brand new to us city (Yogyakarta, which is actually pronounced like jogjakarta by some people, apparently because the Dutch colonizers couldn’t pronounce Y or so one of our guides told us) and you know … Continue reading

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Final Thoughts on 2018

Wow, where did 2018 go?  We can’t believe both of us have been officially retired for a year (although Robert continues to say he will never be retired, because he has to take care of me).  In some ways, it … Continue reading

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Rainy days in Hue

So, Robert and I really enjoy traveling in shoulder season or even off season.  There are far fewer tourists, everything is cheaper, and everything is just a tiny bit more chill.  But there is a reason off-season is off-season.  For … Continue reading

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Reasons not to visit Sukhothai

Sukhothai Historical Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site, contains the ruins of the capital of the Sukhothai Kingdom, which existed from the mid-1200’s to the mid 1400’s. You really, really shouldn’t go to Sukhothai.  Why?  Well, let me tell you.

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