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Life lessons in Hanoi

Robert wants everyone to know that he is the best husband ever.  But, sometimes he needs a little refresher on the rules.  And, he got such a refresher today.  And, it hurt. Here is what he learned.  It doesn’t matter … Continue reading

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Chiang Mai street food tour

We aren’t typically the type of people that book a bunch of food tours.  They almost never represent value for the money.  (How can they, when excellent street food costs only a dollar or two?)  And, we tend to be … Continue reading

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Kicking back in Chiang Mai

As you can tell from the radio silence issuing from the Schneiduks, our time in Chiang Mai has been pretty quiet.  We full-on embraced the digital nomad/cafe culture here, and hardly did much of anything. Most days, we slept in … Continue reading

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Off the beaten track in Siem Reap

One of the things Robert and I like best is getting off the beaten track a little bit and seeing how people really live in the places we visit.  We were thrilled then to come across the combo tour offered … Continue reading

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A week in Melaka

We’ve spent the last week in Melaka (sometimes spelled Malacca).  Melaka is about 2 hours south of Kuala Lumpur.  Because we are cheap, we chose not to fly and instead took a local bus to get here.  Of course, because … Continue reading

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A week in Georgetown

We spent the week in Georgetown.  No, we weren’t back in the U.S., and we definitely weren’t anywhere near the mess of D.C.  Instead, we were in the Georgetown that is on Penang Island in Malaysia.

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Kicking around Kuching

We have spent the last week in Kuching, which is the capital of Sarawak in the Borneo region of Malaysia.  Kuching is situated right on the Sarawak river, which divides the town into North and South.  There are even city … Continue reading

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Two days in Singapore

Back in April when we were applying for our 60 day Indonesia visa, we had to buy a plane ticket out of Indonesia.  We had no idea where we wanted to go, so we looked for a cheap fare on … Continue reading

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Our first full day in Bogota

Driving into Bogota yesterday, we were both a tad bit worried.  How shall I say this?  Compared to the other places we have been, Bogota looked a bit grim.  The city looked run down, the city felt dirty, and, at … Continue reading

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The street food of Cartagena

Yesterday, we took a street food tour of Cartagena.  The tour itself wasn’t all that great — let’s just say the guide was not a professional and the food was far too focused on cheese — but the food, oh … Continue reading

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