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Final thoughts on Nicaragua (2015)

Nicaragua was one of those countries we just couldn’t seem to leave.  We had planned on two and a half weeks; we stayed a full month.  And we have plenty of thoughts… It was interesting to be in a country … Continue reading

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Well, that was interesting…

So, last night we were sitting in one of our favorite San Juan del Sur watering holes when we saw on the TV that Chile had experienced a massive earthquake and there were tsunami warnings in place for several South … Continue reading

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Hiking in Ometepe (or remind us never to hike a volcano again…)

So, one of the big things to do here on Ometepe is hiking.  Most people hike one of the two volcanoes.  We considered that for all of about five seconds.  Our hotel told us the hike up Maderas volcano takes … Continue reading

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The critters of Ometepe

Ometepe Island is an island in Lake Nicaragua formed by two volcanoes.  The island is shaped like an hourglass (with the volcanoes being the big ends of the hourglass and an isthmus in between the two volcanoes) and we are … Continue reading

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Look moms, we got off our butts and did something!

So after far too many days of doing nothing more strenuous than lifting a glass to our lips during happy hour, we figured it was time to get off our butts and do something. Item 1 on the agenda:  horseback … Continue reading

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Relaxing in San Juan del Sur

So, yeah, we’ve been doing quite a bit of this.  Life is hard.  I’m telling you, all y’all need to get your asses to Nicaragua.  But not until we have bought a home and established a business….

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Lazy days in Leon

We’ve spent the last week in Leon, Nicaragua.  I get the sense that Leon is one of those “love it or hate it” towns.  We loved it.  Tourists haven’t completely taken over, people seemed very friendly, there is a grocery … Continue reading

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