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Final thoughts on Colombia (2015)

Tomorrow morning, bright and early, we head on a multi-day trip to Hong Kong, involving layovers in both Chicago and San Francisco.  So…you know what that means…it is time for final thoughts on Colombia: We LOVE this country.  We were … Continue reading

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Our first full day in Bogota

  Driving into Bogota yesterday, we were both a tad bit worried.  How shall I say this?  Compared to the other places we have been, Bogota looked a bit grim.  The city looked run down, the city felt dirty, and, … Continue reading

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Peace and quiet in Medellin

Medellin is a huge city, but it isn’t that crazy of a city.  That said, everyone can use some peace and quiet sometimes.  Medellin has you covered.  Just go to the botanical gardens.  They are right on the metro, but … Continue reading

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When, oh when, will we learn?

Robert and I booked a group bus tour yesterday.  I have no idea why.  We tend to seriously dislike group tours, especially those that require us to get on a bus.  We could have done a very similar tour on … Continue reading

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Touring Communa 13

Communa 13 is a neighborhood in Medellin.  It is on a steep hill and is densely populated.  The road going to the coast travels through the neighborhood and, as you can imagine, everyone shipping anything illegal wants to be in … Continue reading

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The fruits of Colombia

Robert and I took a tour of a local fruit market today to taste Colombian fruits.  Believe it or not, we tried 15 different fruits.  (Although I’m a bit worried given that at least five of the fruits were described … Continue reading

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Walking tour of Medellin

One of our favorite activities when we arrive in a new city is to take a walking tour.  It is a good chance to get a feel for the layout of the city and quite a few cities even have … Continue reading

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