We are not blog worthy

So…things have been a bit quiet around here.  You know why that is?  Well, let me tell you.

After Hoi An, we flew to Saigon to celebrate Christmas.  Where it rained, or threatened to rain, every single day.  So, we did nothing.  OK, that isn’t entirely true, we saw Aquaman and BumbleBee, but nobody wants to hear about that (well, you might want to know the two of us can see a first run movie — sometimes even before it comes out in the U.S. — in a modern movie theater in Vietnam for between $4-10, depending on the theater).  And, we had an amazing brunch on Christmas day where we both ate far too much (Robert focused on the seafood while I devoured the desserts).  And, we spent far too much time in the executive lounge of our hotel snacking while watching it rain.  But, we didn’t do anything blog worthy.

Then we flew to Nha Trang for some serious beach time.  Nha Trang has a beautiful beach (which is about all the city has to offer other than some Cham towers we didn’t get to see).  But, it was raining when we arrived.  And, then it rained some more.  A deluge some days, but rain every single day.  It got so bad and we were so bored that we very nearly did a side-by-side taste test of the chicken at KFC and Texas Chicken & Burgers (which happened to be right next door to each other and right next door to the coffee shop we spent hours at in a futile attempt to feel like we were doing something other than watching it rain).  I. Am. Not. Kidding.  We. Were. That. Bored.  The only thing that saved us from that disaster was the fact that the KFC didn’t serve chicken tenders or any other white meat and Texas Chicken said it would take 12 minutes for tenders that weren’t super spicy.  Bottom line, we did nothing in Nha Trang that was blog worthy.

After eight long days of rain, we transferred to Mui Ne.  Now, Mui Ne is not exactly a traditional part of Vietnam.  It is basically just one road along a rapidly eroding beach and the road is filled with shops, restaurants, and cafes trying to separate tourists from their Vietnamese Dong.  Pretty much anyone white is assumed to be Russian, as Russians seem to make up about 95% of the tourist population.  But, you know what we found in Mui Ne?  WE FOUND THE SUN!!!!!  So, we spent day after day on the loungers at our hotel pool enjoying the glorious weather.  Enjoyable, but again, nothing blog worthy.

And, then we made our way to Vung Tau for a week.  Our hotel had an infinity pool overlooking the ocean.  And, we spent every single day lounging around the pool.  Once again, nothing blog worthy.

We head to Saigon tomorrow.  Hopefully we will have more to say from there.

About theschneiduks

Lisa has a degree in biology and another in law and has spent the last 20 years working as a patent litigator. She is a voracious reader of young adult dystopian fiction and watches far too much bad tv. She loves pretty much anything to do with zombies, and doesn’t think there is anything weird about setting an alarm at 6 am on a weekend to stumble to a pub to watch her beloved Chelsea boys. Robert has had many professions, including a chef, a salesman, an IT guy and most recently, a stay at home dog dad. He speaks Italian and hopes to learn Spanish on this trip. He loves nothing more than a day spent sailing, hopes to do more scuba diving, and rues the day he introduced Lisa to football (i.e., soccer).
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