We are SO going to hate Macau

Yep, we can’t imagine anything we will like about this place.

We both hate meat jerky, so the fact that nearly every other store sells 15 different types of meat jerky is going to be a real downer for us.  I’m betting we are going to just hate the boar jerky we bought this afternoon.


Robert hates meat on a stick, so he is going to hate trying all of these treats.


In fact, you can see from his face just how much he hated the bacon wrapped sausage.  He especially hated the fact that the bacon was dipped in sugar.  I hated the fact that other than a tiny nibble he didn’t share his bacon.


And, he is convinced he is going to hate this giant squid tomorrow when he has room in his belly to try it.


And the egg tarts, don’t get me started on how much Robert hated these things found in nearly every shop.


And I really hated the homemade coconut ice cream.  Don’t I look miserable?  Yep, won’t be having any more of that.


And the bakeries just have to go.  Seriously, every single baked good is available for sampling.  And, most of them are made with nuts and/or coconut.  Yeah, we hated that.


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  1. Mimi says:

    Great post! 🙂

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