Visiting Casco Viejo

OK, OK, yesterday’s post might have been a bit of a Debbie Downer.  But not today’s post!

Today, we made our way to Casco Veijo.  Casco Veijo is the historic part of Panama City and has been inhabited since 1673 according to Wiki.  There are all kinds of things to see in Casco Viejo.

There are ruins:


And cool colonial architecture:

P1100514 DSC08702 P1100512

And street art:






And colorful walls:


And views of the modern part of Panama City:


And fun statues:

Robert with Jack Daniels

Robert with Jack Daniels

But there are two things that are of utmost importance.

First, Casco Viejo has a kick ass brew pub.  When you walk in, they let you sample all of their beers for free.  Plus, they have the best beer pulls I have ever seen.

P1100554 P1100552

But, even more importantly, they have gelato.  If you are ever walking through Casco Veijo and come across this store, stop.  Trust me.

The best gelato I've had in ages

The best gelato I’ve had in ages

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