Ummmm….so this happened this morning.

So there we were, walking through a wildlife refuge near Cahuita.  I convinced Robert to set an alarm for the ungodly hour of 6 am “so the animals would be more active.”  We had been walking for about three hours, and we hadn’t seen much of anything — a few howler monkeys, some crabs, a few birds, etc.

P1090948The only thing we had really seen a ton of were lizards and ants (and you know we don’t really care about the ants).  We were walking along, minding our own business, watching the lizards, when all of a sudden a viper struck at a lizard only inches from my unprotected toes.  Yes, I screamed.  In fact, I screamed loudly enough that a guide leading some other people came back to investigate — he told me that he figured I saw a snake based on my scream…But at least I was brave enough to get this shot…

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