Pedalling around Polonnaruwa

Yesterday, we hopped on yet another bus and made our way to Polonnaruwa, yet another UNESCO world heritage site.  Polonnaruwa is an ancient capital city and the the buildings — now in ruins — were constructed somewhere around the 12th century.  I read somewhere that the ancient city is spread over about 45 square kilometers (although can’t confirm that because we didn’t buy a map), so most people hire a tuk-tuk to drive them around to the interesting ruins or rent a bike and drive themselves around.  We rented a bike and pedaled ourselves around.  It was a fun way to spend a day.  (Interesting side note:  Polonnaruwa is also in the Duran Duran Save a Prayer video).

Here are some of our favorite photos from the day (don’t worry, I’ve included the obligatory monkey shot) — although the photos do not do the site justice.


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One Response to Pedalling around Polonnaruwa

  1. Mom says:

    Great pictures. Lots to see.


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