Final thoughts on Singapore


As things turned out, we really only had two days to explore Singapore (one of which was rainy).  Robert ended up with a stomach ailment that kept him pretty much in bed the third day.  I’m quite sure it had nothing to do with the massive quantities of food consumed the day before he got sick….

So, with no further ado….our final thoughts.

  • It is much more pleasant to arrive in Singapore after a short flight from Thailand than it is to arrive after a 36 hour trip from the United States with multiple layovers.
  • If you like Disney, you will love Singapore.  Nice clean fun without the rides (well, unless you go to Universal Studios or the like).  Although, I was surprised on this trip to see litter, to see people jaywalking and to see evidence of homeless people.  The last time I was in Singapore, I saw none of that.  On the other hand, the last time I was in Singapore, I saw a ton of signs instructing people how to act, and I didn’t see any of those this time.
  • It really is odd that some of the best food is in what is essentially a food court.  Robert pretty much has a rule never to eat in a food court (whereas I have never met a Sbarro I didn’t love…).  But food courts truly are where it is at in Singapore.
  • Singapore is expensive.  We went from balking at pizzas that cost 200 baht (about 6 U.S. dollars)  to not batting an eye at a pizza that cost SGD$20 (about 15 U.S. dollars).
  • People seem to love to shop.  Which we really don’t understand because apartments appear to be small.  Where do they put everything?
  • I don’t think we would jump at the chance to go back to Singapore as tourists.  We both felt like the city was a bit oppressive.  Too clean, too sanitary, too sterile.  I suspect living there one manages to find the other side, but we did not in the couple of days we had to explore.  That said, we are glad we had a couple of days to explore and wish we would have had the time to do a few additional things that had been on our list, like the botanical gardens (rained out) and the zoo (sicked out).
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