Cheesy fun in Georgetown

So…Malaysia apparently has a thing for cheesy, campy photo “museums” — there are at least two of them here in Georgetown and at least one in the next town we are going to visit.  We went to a history museum today and, after the boring old history lesson (fine, fine, Robert liked it…), they had some sets to take photos in, some 3D paintings to take photos with, some mirrors surrounding by paintings to take photos with and even some glow in the dark paintings to take photos with.  And, better yet, staff was on hand to show us where to pose and to take photos of the two of us.  It was full-on Wisconsin Dells cheesy fun, but we figured “when in Rome….”

Here are some of our favorites.

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One Response to Cheesy fun in Georgetown

  1. Mom says:

    What fun pictures! You both look terrific – so relaxed and happy.


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