We made it to Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur appears on first glance to be comprised nearly entirely of shopping malls and food courts. We haven’t seen much else because we have been dodging insane heat followed by pretty intense thunderstorms.  (But at least we finally got to see Furious 7.  And I got to see Chelsea win the league.).

I think we are going to like the food here…  Who doesn’t like Chinese and Indian?  (We haven’t really figured out what Malay food is like yet).  So far we have had chicken and rice, chicken curry, several different types of noodles, really good garlic naan, some kind of pork jerky sold on the side of the street and some amazing peanut pastry made by a man on the side of the street.  Tonight, the bacon jerky and chocolate filled buns are calling my name.

We are off to Penang tomorrow.  Where we have a virtual laundry list of things to do and see and eat.  So, hopefully we will have some interesting things to say from there.

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