Crab, glorious crab, in Kep

Happy hour at a crab shack

Happy hour at a crab shack

We made our way to Kep today.  Thanks to our guesthouse owner in Kampot, we got a great deal on a tuk tuk ride here.  Cheaper than the bus, plus we got the fresh air and the scenic views, so can’t beat that.

We checked into a great little guest house.  We had a reservation for 2 nights and an hour and 39 minutes after arriving (all but about 5 minutes of which were spent at the pool) we had extended our stay to 5 nights.  The pool is lovely, we are walking distance to the ocean and the crab market, and at the back of the hotel is a national park so there are a ton of cool birds flying around.  Plus, we ran into a couple from Portland who we had met in Battambang and they sang the praises of the hotel.  As I sit here at night on our front porch listening to the sounds of birds, frogs and crickets, I think we made the right decision.

The highlight of Kep is the crab and you can bet we both had crab tonight.  Robert had the specialty: crab in a Kampot pepper sauce.  I had crab with glass noodles.  Both of us got two huge crabs and we each paid $7.50.  Can’t beat that.

Crab with glass noodles

Crab with glass noodles

Crab with pepper

Crab with pepper

Plus, the crab market is right on the water so we got to watch a great sunset yet again.  I think we are going to like it here…


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4 Responses to Crab, glorious crab, in Kep

  1. Schiebs says:

    Bobby I want to see you grow that hair out on this trip!


  2. Schiebs says:

    Go for the Ben Franklin!


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